Thursday, May 28, 2009

What I've been up to lately

I've finally decided to go wif the Truth hair. Been thinkin for a while and this week I gots my hair done, lemme know wat you think. I just thought its time to tame mah wild blonde mop of hair.

So I started wif good intentions this week. I had planned to practice mah building skills, wanted to make a fountain but every single time I get distracted too easily and ended up dancin. On Mon nite I decided to check out Second Pride. Pretty good set up, Levi built some of the sets there and I saw Rammy's quilt there too. Now why didn't I submit an entry? Oh...mebbe too much RL stuff going on these last few weeks. If only theres a switch I can hit to log outta RL, heheh. So anyways I caught the tail end of DJ Muhu's set at Pride then DJ Willilicious was on. Is it just me or it got hot in here wif so many hot men around? Peeled mah top off and danced wif mah hands in da air. Made another cute kitteh friend, Rhydderch, sandwiching Willi as he continued to spin his tunes in his jockstrap. And all too soon it had to end for me as I realised how late it was and TPed straight home to crawl into mah warm bed.

Just dance...gonna be oki, da doodoomm....just dance, dance, dance!

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Jordyn Carnell said...

I could never log out of RL for good.. the food is so much better there.

Oh.. and the sex!!