Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy Rez Day to me!

So this kitteh finally turned one! No big celebrations just a quiet one. Hung out with mah brothers Franzi and Rammy on Tiger's Isle and JQ as well. We know who you are altie....hehe...too easy to work out. It wuz so calming just sitting there on the rocks by the shore watching da waves crash on da rocks and chatting. 

Checked out Miau Haus too, pretty cool shopping place for kittehs. There's a photo booth there where i took this pic. Reminds me so much of Japan. 

Later on when everyone in Europe n the US iz sleeping i cought up with mah aussie mate Rhodes Rasmuron. I luv chattin with him, teasin him, flirting with him, close dancin, bodies rubbing up on each other, tail sliding up his leg, purring, licking, mmmmmm....He sure knows how to treat this kitty right.

Not much else cause i'm too busy with RL work atm, also organising birthdays. Speaking of which...8 more sleeps till I'm no longer in mah twenties and da big 30 hits. Hmmm, lots more organising for dat one =^.~=

I came across this vid...too funni, and yeah I kissed a neko!


Franziskus said...

Again: Happy rez-day to you, shmexie brother!

And let me tell you, that your new haircut is sooooooo cute and smexie!!!

Was good to see you again the other day. Sorry, that I was so busy in IM talking about serious stuff with JQ and you didn't get the attention you deserve.

Hope to see you more often soon. Love yers, brother!

Jordyn Carnell said...

Happy Rezzday (i use 2 z's) Justyn!!!

YOU NEED TO GO TO THE NOV 30TH Bday/Rezzday Party that.. ahem.. *I* sponsor each month.. as a "Guest of Honor!"

nuf said..

Justyn Maurer said...

I wouldn miss ur Rezzday party for anything! Especially since both mah birthday n rezzday iz in Nov.