Monday, November 17, 2008

Da big Three Zero

What a weekend! 2 days of solid celebrations for mah birthday. Well it iz a big event afta all. And yez dat iz mah birthday cake above. Chocolate, almond n raspberry....yummies!!

So there i was on the threshold of mah twenties looking back to the past, of what i've gone through, of mah memories, good times and bad, friends that i've made and stuck through it all with me. I licked my paw and brushed mah whiskers and looked to the future...what does it have in hold for me? It doesn't matter as long as i'm surrounded by people who love me, my beloved, mah kitteh brothers, mah family, mah adoring fans...just kidding =^.^=...i'm not that famous to have fans. But as to mah brothers here in SL, I thank you for your support.

oki. Enough waffling on. Back to whats been happening the last 2 days. Popped in at Boots beach to find Rhodes waitin for me there. I immediately bounded over and joined him dancin there. Always great fer a chat he iz. I leaned back on hiz shoulder and purrzzzzsss in his ear. I luv being adored and petted. I was wearing mah white pajammies with white fuzzy boots and i thinks i turned him on cause i felt somethin hard an hot pokin me from behind...hehee. And with him playin with mah nipples I soon had somethin hard pushin out the front of mah white boxer briefs too.

Had some friends come over later for some champagne, nibbles and cake. I kept gettin distracted by da sparklers on da cake. Soooo pretty, sooooo facinating, those sparks flying everywhere. I gots some of da best pressies this year: green n white onitsuka tiger shoes, a totally smexy black Calibre hoodie top, a handmade japanese neko mug - sooooo kawaii, and more. For todays celebration dinner we had a feast under the night sky sitting on a carpet with cushions in da backyard amongst flame torches, flowers, and a cool breeze. What more could i ask for....mebbe some birthday sex? heheee, haven't had some in a while. 

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