Monday, November 10, 2008

5 more sleeps to go...

...until mah birthday...i'm gettin excited! The boundaries of RL and SL are gettin blurred now.

Me n Rhodes at Boots beach

Rhodes surrounded by smexy kittehs on Tiger's Isle

the totally amazing Kaj n Malden in cute matching outfits

the ever adorable Franzi n Q 

gettin hawt n heavy down on da sand

Today started out so so. Dropped in a few clubs but nothin much. I had just missed Streetlife's magical themed event. My long time friend, Apuh,  had invited me but I didn't have a costume but I thought I'd check it out anyway. It was already all over by the time I got there.

Decided to pop in at Boots Beach. Always good to see a friendly face there. Met a new friend too, Casper...a cutie. Managed to dance up close to Rhodes again. Purring at him, rubbing up on him, gettin our members hard..mmmm. Then he krashed. Alwayz krashing like Kyne. Gonna need to wrap them in bubble wrap to prevent them gettin more bruises, oh dear.

Later i managed to catch a few (and i have to emphasize FEW) minutes of DJ Wesley's set at the Pavilion before my boi called me to pick him up from uni. Sigh. Pretty much just said hai to the guys there and i had to go already. So i picked him up n went to lunch...sushi...that cheered me up. Had my favourite, unagi (grilled eel), then went shopping...and OMG! He bought me a pair of Onitsuka Tiger shoes for my birthday pressie. I had been wanting them for ages but they were a bit out of my budget. Love u boi if ur reading this! 

Managed to get back in time for da Neko Nite party with DJ Kaj. I had missed him, his music, and his oh so smexy bf Malden. Decided to join them on Kaj's chim. I kept thinking of humping them both all through the event, I think i even invited them ride me at the same time at one stage. Am I in heat again? /me blushes. But as usual clothes came off, either thrown off, peeled off, ripped, shredded, unravelled or cut off. I might have a hand in this. I had my wolverine claws out. It just felt good to dance there naked n horny. I kept dancing in front of Rhodes rubbing my butt up against his cock, encouraging him, ending up shooting our loads onto the sand. Yez, I'm a cheeky naughty neko =^.^= 

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