Sunday, November 23, 2008

Q and Franzi in stunning matching outfits

Rain and KevinM with Kyoka and Kyne in da back

White Party! Too bad i don't have that much time left before i start work in RL, now with daylight savings on I have only 1 hr to spare. 

Dropped into BareRose to find a costume cause they have really cool stuff there at affordable prices....hmmm can't stop at buying one outfit, Oooh that looks great too, and so does this...oki gotta control myself and focus at the party at hand. 

This iz one of da rare times that i could attend another event at Tiger's Isle besides the famous Neko Nites on Sundays. With Dj Rez feeding us da tunes, Q & F hosting, smexies in tighty whities n wings, lotsa sploder action happening...all the elements of a great time! Kev looks particularly yummy in a white loincloth, boots n wings (see pic above). Can't help sneaking peeks at him n his slightly transparent loincloth. Let's see who else wuz there: Slurp n Terry, Rain, Kyne, Kyoka, Mike, Ulf, Kramer, Lenny, Rod, and sum more...sowwy mah memory's a bit fuzzy n I can't remembers your names.

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