Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What's new kitteh?

So a few things are new. Me and my beloved Very have moved in together into a treehouse with Josh n Jarrod in a neighboring tree and Aki in another. Xzno, Jester and Tobias have houses on the ground. So far our family at Sexy Kitteh Estate is settling in nicely.

I bought a cat couch with my first tips dancing at Blaze. I've been wanting this for positively ages. I absolutely luvvvvs it. Its ears n tail twitches and it blinks too. Ohh and it purrrrs when i curl up against it...so cute! So far not that much furnishings as yet cuz Josh n Jarrod is having their wedding on the sim, so I'm tryin to help by not using up too many prims. So far only some pics up and some essentials like a bed. We're planning to set up a garden room to relax on those hot summer days, getting a white furry rug to cuddle in by the fireplace. Yes and it means more shoppin =^.^=

Can't wait till da wedding...12 more sleeps to go! Jon seems to have everything under control. He should be a wedding planner if he isn't one already, heheh. I had a sneak peek at the setup and everything's soo pretti. I'll just have to rememba to take lots of piccies on da day.

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