Monday, September 28, 2009

On the hunt again

Went hunting again today wif one of my fav pink haired kitteh (actually my only pink haired kitteh =^.^=). This time its the Dark Katz hunt, see their site here. I had dressed quite nekoish while Carson came wearing what you see in the pic above. Its actually quite distracting really cuz I kept wanting to perv on him and lick him instead of concentrating on the hunt. So to make it fair I changed to a similar look as well. I'm sure we must have turned heads wherever we went...hehehh. There was one place where it was all glowwy pink and there was a catwalk, and of course being kittehs we hopped up and strutted our stuff.

An earlier pic when we danced wif DJ Wesley Spengler at da Pavilion...oh, and those feet behind belonged to Cristophe and Landrew cuz I couldn't get them in da shot.

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