Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Return to Blu

So who cares if a club isn't open. Joshua (Jay for short) felt like dancing so we snuck into Blu in Boystown to have our own lil private party. Since he's all dressed in white (he felt pure he says, lol) I thought I'll go the opposite direction and embraced da dark side. Khriss was there as well in body, tho his mind seems to be partly with us. I was hoping that Very would come inworld as well but as the night drew on it looks like it ain't gonna happen. Jay kept me company and we had fun dancing, rolling around on da floor like kittehs do n chatting. And just for kicks we dressed as angel and demon for a little while until we missed our right ears. The halos took off our right ear attachment you see.

Wat else have I been up to?

Oh yea. Franzi and Mick gave me a taste of RPing. Showing me how its done with attacking and capturing victims to molest, heheh. As kittehs aren't allowed on Gor we had it on Franzi's newly built (and still under building) parcel. Guess who was the one ending up captured and stripped nekkid.

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