Monday, June 22, 2009

All tied up

Well there's just something i find titillating at the thought of being tied up, tho I'm not sure I'm ready for dungeon RP yet. I dropped in today at home and heard cries and screams coming from downstairs where Franzi keeps a dungeon. I snuck downstairs and peeped in. Franzi had bought a new rack and was testing it out on Kenshi. Those two love their RPing. Seeing Kenshi stripped naked and chained on the rack with red welts across his back turned me on I must say. But what is it about bondage that makes it so appealing to some? There is a part in all of us that wishes to dominate others, to feel the power of being the alpha dog (or kitteh in our case =^.^=) and another part of us that wants to be dominated, wishing to be subdued and to please our master. But for now this kitteh will just watch on.

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