Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sweet sticky balls

Now I suppose the next few things would support mah choice of title, hehehe.

I'm quite glad my week is over. Had da flu now for a week...i'm thinking i should see a doctor mebbe. Tonite a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Oki a word of warning, da rest of this paragraph is based on my RL, do not attempt dis at home =^.^=. Last week I wuz told to make a croquembouche (traditional french wedding cake made of profiteroles and toffee) for a weeding dat wuz to be held at our restaurant tonite. It wuz for da owner's friend so it has to be over 1 meter tall, spectacular and over the top. Da last 2 nights i had been tossing up several ideas on how to construct such a huge croquembouche, I've eva only made ones about 40 cm tall before and wif difficulty too. I had thought of putting support sticks or a frame inside then building around dat but a true one has to be hollow inside. Dis would be amazing if I could pull it off...actually I must get it right cuz mah reputation and dat of my chef and restaurant rests on it. So for this masterpiece I started making a stand for it out of caramelized sugar and almonds, like a cake stand you see in cafes but much much larger. Then the actual assembly took nearly 2 hours and several burnt fingers. During all this time mah heart wuz beating so fast dat I felt like i had done a cardio workout at da gym. Also it had to be out on display at da bar by da front entrance by 6.30pm and I didn't put the final piece on till 7pm. The pic above is da actual one I made...not too bad in da end but I had wanted to decorate it a bit more with mini dried rosebuds and spun toffee webs. Afta dat da rest of da night was smooth sailing.

Now bak to SL. Myst club's grand opening is this Sunday 22nd at 7-10pm PST and it'll be mah first day at work dancing there. I'd appreciate it if you'd come by to show ur support, I'll reserve some special licks for ya :D Now gotta think wat I'm gonna wear....hmmm.

This song is for my sunshine, my lover, my husband, my all. I miss you babe. That night we shared was special, I luv holding you in mah arms. *kisses* I've neva seen dis vid clip before, funni :)

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Rhodes Rasmuson said...

Bloody great effort Juz - would never had the patience myself . Would have to had used super glue to get them to stay there.

and .. get well soon ... Raz