Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Highs n lows n kewl pics

wow...2 weeks since mah last post. Many things have happened. Now with mah kitteh fluff memory I can't recall everything that happened but most of the memory that lingers is that of my beloved husband, my sunshine in the rain, the one who lights up my life. He's definitely the highlight of mah week even with the little time we get to be together due to our busy RLs. I love you Very *kisses*
Spent some time with my Very, Franzi and Mick exploring a jungle as wild boys. And as wild boys go, we're a horny bunch and it ends up with us exploring each other's bodies by a fountain

Now about the lows...the gig at Myst. Maybe it's miscommunication, I dunno, it was a shit day on SL that day. You know how it is, lots of lag, can't TP, just SL being a bitch in general. I was about to start my first shift at the grand opening of Myst or so I had thought but what I found out after was that I'm on a waitlist. But even with that I danced anyway, greeting and mingling with guests, just not getting tipped. *sighs* There goes another job opportunity.

Btw, thankies to JC at his blog Midcourt who pointed out a site called PhotoFunia I got to play with a few cool piccies

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