Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Still on a high

I jus thought dis pic is kewl :) (shot on location at Psycotic Neko)

I've still got mah head in da clouds after being partnered wif Very after a week :) He all that I could hope for and more, especially with his new hawt  hawt neko look *purrrrrrrrr*, now just gotta get sum pics of him. 

brothers group hugg =^.^=

This past week has been a blur of dancing, catching up wif mah bros n friends, being congratulated and best of all getting to spend time wif mah sunshine. I got to know mah bro Mickael a little better and meet Leucetios our bro Nevie's twin. Got into a kitteh sammich wif bro Darwin and his hubby Toby who are both eager to meet and lick Very :P We were do into the dancing and chatting at the Pavilion dat i forgot to take sum pics. Franzi took me, Very and Mick skydiving...sooo much fun, hurtling thru da air, speeding towards da ground hoping that the parachute would open in time, wat a rush :) Oh and Franzi is renovating da house at our brother's hangout, who sez he can't build? *shrugs* Danced with Levi for a bit chatting and ending up with us looking like twins...hehe. Scary and weird. Kicking up sand and dancing with Rhodes down at Boots beach. Now dat I'm married to Very doesn't mean I don't have time or appreciate mah friends and family any less. But mah memory iz still fuzzy like alwayz and sorri if I forgot to mention you here. Forgive me? *licks*

sum smexy animalistic campfire dancing wif Very, Franzi and Mick

Exausted afta da dancing so we snuggled into a comfy basket

Happy Birthday to Dada! (isn't he da cutest in his pink skunk Av?)

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