Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Neko rulez!

 OMG! I'm soooo drunk! So we had our late work xmas staff party today. Combined with our other more famous n glamorous sister restaurant, who's staff mostly turned up on time. Our group kinda trickled in 1, 2, 3 even 4 hours later. Now i wonder what dat says about us! It wuz held in a park under a clump of trees n a lily pond. Me likes da surroundings very much, clean air, lotsa food n booze, being able to stretch out on da grass under da sun dappled shade. Purrzzzzz. 

Got to meet Douggie today too, just when i logged in n appeared on mah doorstep i saw him around our brothers hangout. Douggie is Franzi's little kitteh, and a cute lil kitteh at that too. Me hopes to get to know him bettah. 

I heads over to Angelfloorz next to check out da complex. Lookin good Ady :) almost done...so far there's a vip's escort lounge, neko play area, the dance club, and a helipad too!! So i showes Ras a few moves on da dance pole...ahh, dat takes me back. Haven't done any pole dancin for a long long time. Wearin mah white furry boots, a skimpy jock, arm n leg straps, slidin mah glistening body up n down da pole, flicking mah tail seductively givin Ras a private show...hehe. I thinks i mah nekoness musta rubbed off on him afta all this time hanging out together. Took him to Phycotic Neko to shop for a set of ears n tail for him. Much tails there bit not much in da selection of ears. But i did manage to get a couple of tails n a set of white pierced ears for mahself, realli can't resist shoppin =^.^=. Took him to Hybrid next, I luv their stuff. Ras got da starter set there. I wuz severely tempted to get them too but no, i needs to budget to get sum dances first. Controll yourself Justyn. But did buy a thundercats shirt outside tho. Me loves thundercats ^^ Thunder, thunder, thundercats...Hoooo!!!

Found dis smexi vid of nekos dancin...enjoy!

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