Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Ohh mah achin feet. I can't believe i spent the whole day dancin. And i'm not even workin, just dancin for the fun of it. And it wuz fun too! As soon as i was inworld I was IM'edby Doug P callin me to party with him at Hot n Hung. Got introduced to his youngest bro Taber....mmmm two very smexy kittehs. Doug had his claws out and soon da two brothers were cutting da clothes off mah back. There we were all dancin nekkid...well not quite, i had mah boots on =^.^=

Soon i gots a note dat Kaj's set is startin down at da wharf so i pulled on sum fresh clothing from mah inv and zoomed there. Quite a crowd happenin already. As before, lots of great chat, sploder action, and Kaj's hot hot tunes kept us going. Then Chessie showed up. Haven't seen day cutie in ages. He was da next dj lined up after Kaj's set so i stayed on. I was about to put in mah request for The Presets - All my people when Chessie played it, too funni...luv The Presets. Then Franzi showed up. I leapt across da floor and pounced on mah bro, giving him many licks. I have missed him so. Feels great to be dancin with him again. then we got talkin, and talked, and talked. He was a feelin down so i had to keep him distracted, tryin to make him forget all that shit that Q stirred up and apparently is continuing to do so. I won't mention anything on here until I gets to da bottom of it. Franzi, I'm standing with u brother!

Afta dat i went off huntin for food in da fridge. Managed to track down a chicken schnitzel in dat cold wasteland along with some salad. I also found a small brook dat's running with beer, but i can't tell u where it's mah little secret.

After dat satisfying meal i saw an offline message from Very. No wonder i haven't seen him in a while, he was on holidays. My heart skipped a beat as i rushed back inworld. He was at Boots beach waiting for me. I leapt into his arms in a hug as soon as i got there. *purzzzzz* How i have missed him. I hopes he feels da same way i do. we danced for a bit on da sand n got talkin in IM...I'm lost in our own little world that i no longer focussed on everyone else's babblings. He asked me if we wanted to go somewhere more private. I had just da place. I invited him to our brother's hangout. I knew he'll like it. Sitting by da rocks watching da waves, listening to da tranquil music, absorbing the peace, chattin. I started to take him on a little tour of the place, starting with the cave under da house. I think mah animal instincts were too strong just then and I gave in to it. Before u can says "Justyn has a crush on Very" we were all over each other on da couch, passions rising, tongues licking, lips kissing. My heart was beating so fast. I wanted it to be purrfect. I was excited n scared, turned on yet nervous, sweating. Now I won't go into detail wat happened next cuz it's censored so use yer imaginations =^.~=

After our passionate lovemaking, we just lay there, Very gently stroking mah skin. Mah heart was beating even faster now. I thought here goes, you have nothing to lose, just say it already! "Very..." I stammered, "I love you". Pause. How is he going to react? Does he think I'm coming on too stong, wanting a commitment already? After all this is only the 3rd or 4th time we've met. I held my breath. "Justyn...I think I've fallen in love with u too. No, I know I love you! I LOVE YOU JUSTYN MAURER!!" I'm elated, omg! Sooo happi, words can't describe it. My fears were unfounded. Looking back now, there were little signs already. I finally let out my breath and kissed him. *purrsszzzzz*

Justyn has a bf now and his name is Very Goodliffe! :)))) *me can't stop grinning* I love u babe!


SpAnKi said...

wow, so happy for you brother! great start to the new year \0/

wishin you lots of love happiness and good times wit your new love!

*purrs and lickss*

Franziskus said...

awwww, finally have to write a comment... Things are becoming good for my brothers. That's so purrrrrrrrrr!
Was nice dancing with you the other night, my brother.
And happy for you and the good news.

*pounce and rubs and licks*