Friday, January 23, 2009

Hi I'm Justyn and I'm a SL addict.

Well I've been kinda moody lately cause I can't come inworld as much as I'd like. But today I gots mah fix. Managed to have some time this morning so i caught up with mah bro Franzi. He gave me a tour of his realm in Gor, the castle he lives in with his master and his chain brothers. I must say I'm impressed with the castle. Quite a few secrets hidden in those ancient walls. We ended up sitting by the fireplace chatting away (pic left: snuggling by da fireplace with Franzi, yez dat's his alt so I won't show you his face :P). So good to catch up with you brother *purrsssszzzz, huggs n licks n more licks* Here's to happier times ahead of us.

Had a few IMs too, I'm grateful for each and everyone of you even tho we didn't manage to catch up properly but know this, you've made mah day =^.^=! Kyne, my lil cutie bro *huggs n lots of pettings*. Nevie, my smexie bro wishing you all the best with your new love *purrs n licks* Don't you ever give up, I believe in you. Ras, mah best mate, no matter how much you repeat yourself I still like to hear your adorations^^ you make me feel special. Traviis, you're the very vision of smexiness, I enjoyed our time dancing at the wharf the other day, if only we can get together more often (pic right: Traviis, borrowed from his album).

And last but the most important person in mah life, Very, I missed you a lot babe. I'm waiting to pounce on you the moment I see you and lick you all over, cover you with kisses. I truly treasure every moment I'm with you. You make me smile, you lift mah heart up, you intoxicate me with your presence.

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Rhodes Rasmuson said...

Dev -

Gday mate - Always great to read ya posts. Don't work too hard.. Ras