Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Visions of love

Warning: this blog will now contain sappy, luvvy-duvvy stuff cause this kitty is very much in love!

It's like one of mah dreamz have come true. Me and my beloved dancing together in the glittering golden grand ballroom. The camera whirling around the room focusing on just us two. Well mah cam was anyway =^.^= and when i find out how to record a vid inworld i'll show you too. Just Very and me dancing together, me gazing into his eyes, completely oblivious to everything else around me. It felt like time had stood still, the moment was forever ours. His hands, his touch, his gentle kisses electrifying my very being, melting my soul.....*purrsssszzz* I love you babe.

By the end of the night, my beloved tucked my into mah bed, kissed me goodnite and I drifted down back to RL, cuddling mah teddy, purring to it, willing it to be Very cause i don't want to let him go and there i fell asleep with a smile on mah lips as i dream about mah beloved still dancing with me in da ballroom....zzzzz

I'm dedicating dis song to Very Goodliffe :)))


Very Goodliffe said...

awwwww Justyn.......

Love Very

Justyn Maurer said...

*purrsssszzzzz* sooooo sweet :)))) I can't help falling in love with u too babe. *kissessss*

Very Goodliffe said...

Hiya babe,
On how to make a video....

I Love You
Very X0X0X0