Sunday, October 11, 2009


At last I've found my long lost lil bro Aki and brought him to my tree. We lounged on da cushions in front of the fire place and chatted, getting to know each other again, actually its more like me filling Aki in on what's been happenin cuz you see my lil bro had an accident and lost part of his memory. Earlier I had seen him at Josh and Jarrod's wedding, even asked him to dance wif me later but he said that he didn't know me and walked off. I musta admit I felt crushed.

Now that we're reunited again everything is purrfect again. Spending time cuddling with him, goin shoppin, takin him by da hand and showin him new places he's neva been before like Mission beach and Tempura Island. He's been sayin dat he needs to find a suitable partner so what better place than Mission beach where I met my best mate Joshie and the most wonderful man that became my beloved, Very. Aki realli needs to go out and meet people but he's a shy kitteh.
Me and Aki at Tempura. I wore mah old hair so we could look more alike cept that Aki's a bit shorter (being mah lil bro) but he's packed wif muscles.

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Rammy said...

hello Justyn - I read your story several times. It has a lot of complicated things going on so I need to let is sink in. I hope Aki and you meet up a lot more because he means something to you. Friendship is very complicated I think.